Unmask the Future

I came back from Vietnam in the middle of February 2020 as the coronavirus lock down started there.

I was in my studio for two weeks and all alone, so my family told me to come back home to the U.S.A

My best friend lent me money for a ticket back, and now I’m sitting here in her bedroom typing away on my laptop, while siting on her bed that we both now share to sleep in.

I was in Vietnam for over 13 years, and I lost my overseas career all the sudden. But today, I just got my schedule from my new job as an overnight grocery clerk.

Like many companies which are switching their environment due to the global pandemic (like Brooks Brothers Clothing and New Balance Shoes, both switching to masks), here at Makeup Daddy BFF, our team will switch the cosmetics branding over to content which will fit better into today’s new world.

We can embrace the future that we now live in, and I wish everyone around the world safety and sanity instead of constant worry, getting locked in, and all the confusion about what’s going on around us.

To me, it’s the best way to look at the answers of yesterday to find out where we are headed, so I will be researching nonfiction about how life was during WWII in America, when factories started producing supplies for the war, and I’ll also be researching scholarly articles about the best ways to create our own DIY hepa masks from home.

Long standing great American companies like Brooks Brothers and New Balance are doing the world a great service by completely changing factories– from making polos and sneakers– to making masks which are so greatly needed in hospitals, but those of us who are either laid-off, telecommuting, or working for essential companies want to know how to be more resourceful and make things for ourselves to help us survive in our certian times.

Best of luck,