Antiaging Cryosurgery for Smooth and Even Skin Tone

Cryosurgery is different from cryotherapy. MUA Jospeh Harwood for Jecca Blac Makeup recently tried cryotherapy.

Two weeks ago, I went to my French dermatologist for cryosurgery, which is an out-patient and non-invasive procedure. The doctor applies liquid nitrogen to your skin. I had it done on my ankles a few years ago, and back then the doctor used the machine to burn off the dark spots which formed into blisters and healed out of holes. They were at the bottoms of my feet so I didn’t notice them, and I was swimming a lot back then at the beach and I have always thought the ocean has great healing powers just as much as products from a French Pharmacy do.

But in the past year, I developed dark freckles on my face and hands due to aging, they are benign and non-cancerous so removing them is considered a cosmetic procedure. I was horrified to hear that the only two things I love in this life I couldn’t do for two weeks: get out in the sun and go swimming. My doctor said I need to stay out of the sun as the blisters heal, because they will be lighter than the rest of my skin and tanning will cause discoloration, then swimming will soften them up quicker than they need to heal naturally. It’s been hell at ten days already sitting in the house forever and scared to go out at night as if I look like a monster.

Since my doctor was removing freckles on my hands and face to make my skin smoother and even out my skin tone, and the skin there is thinner than around the feet, the nurse put the liquid nitrogen in a cup and the doctor applied it with precision onto my concerned areas with a Q-tip.

It took four days for the ones one my face to heal and they went away leaving my skin perfect, and the only out of office treatment I’ve used is Iodine my doctor gave me to apply on the blisters, and no Band-Aids to let it heal more naturally. In fact, I am prone to believe that the trauma to my face caused my cells to attack the areas producing more natural collagen because my skin has never looked so great, and it is also producing a lot of natural sebum which helps fight wrinkles– although my mood from being stuck inside for so long not so good. My skin also needed a rest from products and the sun as I didn’t use either during the healing process, just plain castille bar soap and water.

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For daily skincare, I use French Pharmacy Avene Emulsion SPF, but Avene will not produce anymore SPF until 2020, so my dermatologist put me on another French Pharmacy favorite Eucerin Emulsion SPF.

To keep up my health, I’ve been trying to eat balanced meals with carbs, grains, ova-protein, organic veggies, pasteurized dairy, and tropical fruit and taking Vitamin E. I’ve been doing yoga and walking in the evenings, some lifting and Pilates, and trying to stay off looking at my phone too much and instead read paperback books. I’ve also been layering on fitted tennis clothes to keep my circulation and body temperature up.

The ones on my hands have not fully healed yet but I can see they are recovering, the healing might also be lagging since I use my hands so much for writing and bathing and cleaning house and washing dishes and laundry and cooking (and I drive a motorbike).

The only other cosmetic procedure I’ve ever had besides cryosurgery was having my wisdom teeth removed when I was a teenager, which was considered cosmetic. I wore braces for three years and didn’t want my teeth to get scrunched up again. And would I recommend cryosurgery? Well, it only stung for a minute when the doctor applied the nitrogen, so the pain wasn’t much to talk about it. Scheduling time off and remaining in doors for two weeks is not fun, and feeling unconfident about going anywhere while it heals isn’t fun either. I would only recommend it if you have a good relationship with your dermatologist and if you are severely bothered by the outburst of new dark spots on the appearance of your skin, but if you can accept your freckles then just go with it.