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Profile of CEO Jerome Salem for US

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Above, in French Artist Jean-Phillipe Delhomme’s 1999 illustration, onlookers admire French beauty. Delhomme uses yellow, red, violet, and white to express the tone of sun kissed french skin.

French CEO Jerome Salem started in Feb. 2019 out of Miami, Florida to make it easier for American beauty customers to order french pharmacy beauty products. has U.S. regional popularity in beauty product orders mostly from New York, then California, Florida, and Texas.

Born and raised in Paris, Salem came over to the U.S. to go to business school in California.

He developed his online store because he believes in french pharmacy beauty products which he uses himself and the products are equally good for men and women.

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French laws increased tax on pharmaceuticals, so to even out costs and sales the french pharmacies started selling beauty products and the brands have become a staple for the french beauty consumer.

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French beauty represents a fifth of the European skincare market and Europe represents 32% of the global beauty market from a 2012 report found by Undergraduate Thesis Researcher Elodie Sumiere of Linnaeus University in France.

While Salem’s site grows, he is introducing the U.S. to new french pharmacy products and indie brands like Alban Muller.

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Alban Muller was an innovator in exotic ingredients for french beauty brands for over 40 years and has just recently produced its own line of beauty products and ideal for skin prep before and after makeup application and skin repair for antiaging.

The U.S. is still behind other countries in beauty product manufacturing. SPFs and antiperspirants cannot be imported into the U.S., because they must be made in America.

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Above, French Photographer Patrick Demarchelier captures the ideal french beauty in his 1994 photograph “Nude, St. Barthelemy,” in France. He uses natural overcast lighting to show the curves.

Salem’s is also innovative as he accepts Bitcoin and Venmo as forms of online payment although he has not seen any purchases made with either. does accept Amazon Pay and Apple Pay among the normal forms of payment like Visa and MasterCard.

Cryptocurrencies might be just an optimistic way to look at the dystopian future in an alternate universe of online beauty sales, but U.S. customers who do not have bank accounts still rely on local neighborhood market sellers of products and those customers enjoy the personal face-to-face transactions the same way someone trusts face-to-face interaction at a spa between themselves and their aesthetician, when getting a facial.

Online beauty companies which also use A.I. bots to contact and message with customers and contact brand affiliates on Instagram– but are losing out on the personal relationships which customers want to have with the companies they buy from and the social media bffs they trust.

Salem’s will be opening up pop-up stores in resort hotels and will provide walk-in customers with iPad skin analyses.

Below, a photo from St. Tropez, France in the summer of 2000 of a street scene shows the french beauty classic and youthful look for all ages which you can also now get from french beauty products even in your own hometown in the U.S.

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