Dorita Nissen

Pro MUA Interview with Dorita

Danish Makeup Artist Dorita Nissen (Wizzo and Co Agency) works in the U.K. and her husband is photographer Chris MOO Cowan. I immediately gravitated to Dorita, because she is very transparent, and MUAs aren’t used to the spotlight, so they can be very shy, but their contributions to the beauty boom show that they are the new supermodels.

Dorita has contributed to editorial for “Vogue” Japan and India, and with celebs like Cara Delevigne, Jaden Smith, and Charli XCX, and campaigns for Adidas Adicolor and Nike Airmax X J Hus.

MakeUpDaddyBFF: How many years have you been doing makeup?

Dorita Nissen: 20 years.

MUDBFF: What got you into makeup?

DN: My mum was never a big fan of a lot of makeup, but she always had different shades of brown, orange and red lipsticks.

I used to love putting them on my lips and cheeks as a teenager. I was a massive Madonna fan and loved to copy all her looks and paint the faces of my friends. In the 1990s, I moved to Miami and when buying a sunscreen was approached by the manager of Clinique, who asked me if I would come work for her as she loved my accent. I was there for a year and was then recruited to come work for Laura Mercier, who was launching her brand. I worked for and with her for seven years, and she taught me how to create the perfect canvas or skin using very little makeup and to this day skin is my biggest passion.

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Photo Cian Oba-Smith

MUDBFF: What are your favorite brands to use? 

DN: I am a huge fan of Cover FX because of their colour range, they do shades from the palest to the darkest skin tones and their products last.

Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage is in my opinion the best concealer, I’ve been using and recommending it since its launch and has colours for everyone.

Also, Kryolan , Nars , Shiseido & Makeup Forever for its highly pigmentet colours,

I really love Korean skincare and then more global brands for me are Chantecaille, Sisley, Ren , Cerave, Clarins and Biodema skincare

MUDBFF: What is the one tool you always use?

DN: I always use sponges for blending and smoothing. Maybe it goes back to when I was a teenager and brushes were a luxury item and not an option for me and I had to do makeup with my fingers, sponges and cotton buds .

MUDBFF: Tell us your favorite beauty trick. 

DN: I have accumulated quite a few over the years, but I still use two tricks which Laura Mercier taught me, first is using concealer to sort out any imperfections on the skin, and sometimes I only use that and no foundation. Second is an eyeliner applied so close to the lashes that it doesn’t look like liner, but just makes the lashes look fuller and shapes the eyes beautifully.

MUDBFF: What makeup trend do you think will come up in 2019?

DN: Single statement makeup, so picking one thing like a colourful graphic eyeliner or bright eyeshadow, lipcolour or cheekcolour, but everything else keep clean, fresh, dewy and brushed up virgin brows, no heavy foundations or contour .

MUDBFF: Financial analysts are also predicting that skincare will take over the beauty market, what are you thoughts on that?

DN: I think they are right, but I also think that makeup will be more and more like skincare in future .

MUDBFF: What is the number one struggle you’ve overcome in the MUA business? 

DN: Following my gut.

MUDBFF: What is your best advice to young and aspiring MUAs? 

DN: Go and assist someone established so you can not only learn techniques but also how to be on set, and around clients and talent.

MUDBFF: What are your favorite makeup colors?

DN: Nars eyeshadow in Matcha,

Kryolan multi gel glitter in Light Gold,

Makeupforever Artist Rouge ink matte liquid lip colour in 401 Passion Red,

Shiseido inner glow cheek powder in Alpen Glow.

Checkout Dorita Nissen on Instagram to see her latest MUA looks.