About Us

Makeupdaddybff is a Beauty News Group.

We report on worldwide beauty trends, gossip in the beauty community, and we try-on makeup, cosmetics, and skincare.

Our mission is to development global talent in online media.

Meet our Family.

Paul is a Beauty Blogger from Vietnam. He likes natural skin products like aloe vera.

makeupdaddybff paul
makeupdaddybff kat

Kat is a Beauty Intern. She is a mother of three, and works part-time in retail. She likes everyday looks with L’Oreal.

rosebff makeupdaddybff

Rose is a Junior Beauty Intern and likes Snapchat looks from her Ipsy Bag.

makeupdaddybff my my

My My is a Beauty Intern at MakeupDaddyBFF. She is a mom and a small business owner. She likes classic looks with black mascara and MAC.

makeupdaddybff deb

Deb is a Beauty Intern at MakeupDaddyBFF. She is engaged to be married and runs her own facial studio. She likes coconut oil.

makeupdaddybff crystal

Cookie is a Production Intern at MakeupDaddyBFF. She has a cat named Tiger, and she lets Paul give her Instagram looks with Martine.

makeupdaddybff chuck

Chuck is a Production Intern. His mom is his BFF. He likes Bulldog.

makeupdaddybff minh

Minh is an Operations Intern at MakeupDaddyBFF. He is a student at the Banking University in Ho Chi Minh City. He likes to hang out with his friends and have coffee. He likes natural skincare like tea tree oil.

makeupdaddybff phuong

Phuong is an Operations Intern. She is a student at the Education University in Ho Chi Minh City. She likes Sunny Leone.

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